Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy From Our Winnipeg Veterinarians

If your pet suffers from arthritis, then we encourage you to speak with our Winnipeg veterinarians about trying low level laser therapy as a form of pain management. This treatment option is available to both dogs and cats and provides non-invasive, drug-free management of arthritis symptoms.

laser therapy  from our winnipeg veterinarians

Pain Management for Pet Arthritis

So, how does low level laser therapy work for pet arthritis? Specifically, these innovative lasers are able to penetrate into tissue, resulting in a stimulation of cell production. This cell stimulation allows your pet's own natural healing processes to occur more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the mild light from the targeted laser helps to reduce pain signal transmission throughout your pet's nervous system, resulting in pain relief and overall better healing without the need for risky procedures or medications.

If your pet has been on anti-inflammatory drugs that have resulted in adverse side effects, then it may be time to explore low level laser therapy from our experienced veterinarian and technicians. We have access to this incredible technology in our office and would be happy to schedule a consultation to determine whether your pet is a viable candidate for this treatment.

What to Expect From Your Pet's Appointment

During your pet's consultation, we'll perform a physical assessment and get to know your pet's specific medical history in order to determine the best course of treatment. This will be our basis for figuring out how many sessions we'd like to schedule for your pet, as well as how long each session will last. In general, most pets will be under low level laser therapy for about 10 minutes per session. Results can vary greatly from one pet to the next; some will experience significant improvement after the first session, whereas others may require a few sessions before changes in energy and healing may be seen.

Once we've established improvement of your pet's inflammation and other arthritis symptoms, we'll typically move your pet to a "maintenance" schedule of additional laser therapy sessions that are meant to keep your pet at the lowest levels of arthritis pain possible. For most pets, this will mean coming in for additional treatment sessions once or twice a month.

Many pet owners are also concerned about what the experience will be like for their pets; the truth is that most pets find laser therapy sessions soothing and relaxing. Your pet simply gets to lie down while the therapy is administered, and the mild heat that is emitted from the laser is comforting and relaxing. Your pet doesn't feel pain during the treatment, as the lasers do not emit high levels of heat.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Winnipeg Animal Hospital

If you'd like to find out more about our low level laser therapy treatment, schedule a consultation with our Winnipeg animal hospital. You can reach Sherbrook Animal Hospital to set up your appointment by calling (204) 774-3544; be sure to take advantage of our new client special, too!

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