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Pet Surgery From Our Veterinarians in Winnipeg

At Sherbrook Animal Hospital, our veterinarians in Winnipeg treat your pet just like one of their own. Our fully accredited animal hospital is staffed with an experienced, compassionate veterinarian who is committed to providing your cat or dog with the best in care. We provide a wide range of services for your pet's health and wellness, including a wide variety of pet surgical procedures here in our surgery  from our veterinarians in winnipeg

Types of Pet Surgery Offered at Our Animal Hospital

Being told your pet needs surgery can be an understandably stressful experience, which is why having the right animal hospital that you can trust your pet's procedure with is so important. Here at Sherbrook Animal Hospital, we have years of experience in pet surgeries, with some of the most common types of surgeries we perform outlined below.

Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter procedures are by far the most common type of surgery we perform in our office. This procedure is highly recommended for all pets who are old enough or have reached the proper size. Specifically, a spay or neuter surgery prevents your pet from being able to reproduce, thus helping to control the pet population. Plus, this procedure can help reduce your pet's risk of developing certain types of cancer and can improve overall temperament.

Dental Surgery

If your pet is suffering from severe tooth decay or gum disease, there is a chance that oral surgery will be required as a means of treatment. The most common dental surgery we provide is that of tooth extraction, which is done as a last resort to remove sources of major tooth decay or as a result of an advanced periodontal disease. 

Soft Tissue Surgery

We also perform a variety of soft tissue procedures in our office, ranging from growth removal to eye, ear, and even orthopedic surgery. We have experience in removing both cancerous and non-cancerous growths from pets as a means of treatment. If needed, we can also perform mass removals for biopsy purposes. 

Any time your pet has a surgery done with us, you can rest assured that he or she is in good hands. Our veterinary staff places your pet under carefully supervised anesthesia; this ensures that your pet doesn't experience any stress or pain during the procedure. During this time, our veterinary team monitors all of your pet's vital signs carefully. This includes before, during, and even after the surgery while your pet begins to recover.

Depending on the specific type of surgery being performed, your dog or cat may be able to return home in as little as a few hours after the procedure.

Request Your Appointment With Our Winnipeg Veterinary Team

If you'd like to schedule a surgical consultation with our Winnipeg veterinary team or simply find out more about our surgical services offered, feel free to give us a call today. You can reach Sherbrook Animal Hospital at 204-774-3544.

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