Veterinary Services at Sherbrook Animal Hospital in Winnipeg

Looking for a veterinarian in Winnipeg? At Sherbrook Animal Hospital we provide comprehensive health care for your furry family member!

cat and dog with winnipeg veterinarian

Standard Pet Wellness Visits in Winnipeg

Our fully accredited animal hospital and full-time Winnipeg veterinarian provide many services that keep your cat or dog healthy and happy! Standard veterinary services include:

  • Annual Vaccinations

  • Heartworm prevention and treatment

  • Annual Deworming

  • Advanced dental care and cleanings

  • Flea and tick prevention

You can also come to us with nutrition-related questions! Take advantage of our full range of foods to provide your pet with the proper diet. If your dog is experiencing behavioral issues, Sherbrook Animal Hospital can provide consultations and referrals to get you in touch with the right training program.

Microchipping and Spay & Neuter

Our microchipping and tattoo services provide permanent pet identification that can set your mind at ease, helping you find and identify your pet in case he or she goes missing.

Our veterinary experts also strongly recommend that you spay or neuter your cats and dogs. These procedures not only benefit your pet's health and behavior, but reduce the risk of unwanted litters and the stress they can create for animals and their human families.

Pet Surgery & More Urgent Needs

From broken legs to accidental poisonings, we are equipped to provide excellent diagnosis and treatment of the most urgent issues among cats and dogs.  Our diagnostic services include digital X-rays, ultrasound, and lab work. If your pet has orthopedic issues, we can refer him or her to a surgeon who will provide services in our facility. Besides spay and neuter procedures, our other pet surgery solutions include:

  • Soft tissue procedures

  • Eye surgeries

  • Gastrointestinal surgeries 

We understand that many pet owners are concerned about the risks associated with anesthesia. Therefore, we offer pre-anesthetic blood work and IV fluids that help minimize these risks. During pet surgery, we use special monitors to track our patients' heart and respiration rates.

Our in-house lab facilities help us get rapid, accurate results so we can offer same-day treatment. Common tests that we perform at Sherbrook Animal Hospital include:

  • Complete blood count, which measures things such as red blood cells, to help diagnose potential problems

  • Electrolyte profiles, which measures many substances in the blood

  • Thyroid Snap Test, to help monitor or diagnose thyroid disease

  • Urinalysis, which can provide an assessment of the kidneys and urinary system

  • Feline leukemia and FIV tests

  • Canine parvo virus probe tests

  • Canine Heartworm and Lyme Disease Tests

For more unusual procedures, we can send samples to an outside lab.

Your best friend and family member deserves a veterinarian in Winnipeg who cares as much as you do! For expert, comprehensive care, contact Sherbrook Animal Hospital today. Call us today to make an appointment or get more information.

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