Pet Diabetes

Pet Diabetes with our Winnipeg, Manitoba Veterinarian

Pet Diabetes

It is possible for pets to develop diabetes. Unfortunately, the condition can have serious complications that are usually preventable. At Sherbrook Animal Hospital, serving Winnipeg, Manitoba and the surrounding area, we can help diagnose and treat pets who have pet diabetes. Our vet provides you with education as well, so you're able to properly manage your pet's condition at home. 

Definition of Pet Diabetes

Pet diabetes is a disease that causes issues with a pet's blood sugar. Both dogs and cats may develop the condition. The disease either stems from a lack of the hormone insulin or the body not responding to insulin properly. Just like humans, an animal's body breaks down food in the digestive tract, and the pancreas produces insulin, which carries the glucose into cells. If the animal is unable to produce or respond to insulin normally, blood sugar levels in the pet's body rise. Levels that increase too much or too often cause issues with your pet's heart, kidneys, and other vital organs. Not to mention, a serious hyperglycemic event can result in coma or even death. A vet detecting the condition early, however, allows your pet to live a healthy, happy life.  

Symptoms of Pet Diabetes

If your pet has diabetes, he or she may have a change in appetite. It's possible your dog or cat will exhibit excessive thirst or will increase his or her water consumption. Your pet may become lethargic, increase his or her urination, vomit or experience chronic skin infections. You might notice your pet's breath smells fruity or unusually sweet. Some pets develop a cataract when they develop diabetes. 

Causes of Pet Diabetes

The exact cause of diabetes in pets isn't known. It's possible that genetics and an autoimmune disease might play a role in the onset of diabetes. Chronic pancreatitis, abnormal protein deposits in the pancreas and certain medications can contribute the condition as well. Your pet is more at risk for diabetes if he or she is obese. 

Treatment of Pet Diabetes 

Our veterinarian will first determine how severe your pet's diabetes is. Your pet may require hospitalization if he or she is experiencing a serious diabetic event. Our veterinary specialist may prescribe an oral medication and/or insulin to regular your pet's blood sugar levels. Your pet will need to consume a diet high in fiber in order to help regulate his or her sugar levels. You'll need to regulate how much and when your pet eats in order to reduce the amount of spikes in his or her blood sugar levels as well as to regulate your pet's weight. Our vet may recommend you spay your female dog since the hormones have a tendency to spike your pet's sugar levels. 

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If your pet has any signs of diabetes, you should contact Sherbrook Animal Hospital, serving Winnipeg, Manitoba and the surrounding area, by calling (204) 774-3544 for an appointment with a veterinary specialist. 

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