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Your Winnipeg Veterinary Hospital Understands Pet Nutrition

Pet owners care about their pets nutritional needs and our vet, serving the in the greater Winnipeg, Manitoba area, is here to help make sure that your family pet's nutritional needs are well taken care of. If you are concerned that your furry friend might not be getting the nutrition that they need for a long and healthy life, our vet is here to help! An important part of veterinary science and medicine is the use of proper nutrition in helping pets lead an active and happy life. The entire staff at Sherbrook Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing the absolute best care to your family friend.

pet nutrition tips from our veterinarian in winnipeg

Nutrition Guidance from the Veterinary Staff at the Sherbrook Animal Hospital

Pet owners understand the importance of nutrition but may not be fully aware of the ways that their pet's needs can change over time in each stage of their lives. Domestic pets typically experience the following stages that have different nutritional needs:

  • Early Stage - as a puppy or kitten, or other young animal, pets will require a higher fat content to help their growth.
  • Adult Stage - as an adult, your pet will require less fat than the amount that they required in their Early Stage, and will also need nutrients that help keep their bones strong and healthy.
  • Senior Stage - pets in this final stage of their lives are typically less active than they were as Adults. Their diets require less fat but more protein and food that is more easily digested.

Other Pet Food Concerns

Some pets will have even greater nutritional requirements than is typical. Inactive pets may become overweight and even obese and will need to obtain their nutritional needs from a food that is much lower in calories and filler. We are here to help you find the best food for your pet to help address these issues.

Other pets have certain food allergies or sensitivities such as a sensitivity to wheat and other grains. This situation is fairly common and there are many grain-free pet foods that are now available. Many pets develop skin conditions due to allergies and other reactions to their food. If your family pet is dealing with discomfort and lingering health issues, it is probably time to change their food. Many of our patients are surprised by the transformation of their pet after changing their food to something more suitable.

In extreme circumstances, your pet may need to eat a prescription food to meet all of their nutritional needs. Your Winnipeg veterinarian is able to guide you through this process that can at times be confusing and complicated. 

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