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Sherbrook Animal Hospital Pet Urgent Care in Winnipeg, Manitoba

When you have an emergency with your pet, it's time to find pet services you can trust. At Sherbrook Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, we provide urgent care services for your pet. Whether your pet needs X-rays, lab work, or is injured, we are ready to provide your pet with the care necessary for your pet to return to optimal health. 

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Common Pet Emergencies Treated In Winnipeg

There are a wide variety of reasons you may need to bring your pet in for an urgent care visit with our veterinary team in Winnipeg. Common conditions treated include:

  • Heatstroke. Pets can get easily overheated and become difficult to rouse, experience vomiting, weakness or panting. Heatstroke is an emergency and it's important to get your pet in for help.
  • Poisoning. Accidental poisoning is common in pets, and some symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and even bleeding from the mouth. Seek immediate medical attention for your pet if you suspect poisoning.
  • Car accident injuries. Just like humans, pets get hurt in car accidents too. Broken bones, strains, or sprains can all be treated at our veterinary hospital.
  • Eating foreign objects. Even when you protect your pet from eating strange items, it happens. If your pet has ingested a foreign object that can cause problems, it's time to bring your pet in for medical treatment.
  • Bites from other animals. When your pet gets attacked by another animal, they can suffer from bites, scratches and other issues. A careful examination needs to occur to make sure your pet has any injuries treated after getting attacked by another animal.

What To Expect In An Emergency Pet Visit

When you bring in your pet for emergency services to Sherbrook Animal Hospital, you can expect that your pet is going to get the full attention they need to assess their medical condition and receive treatment. Your pet may have X-rays, need sedation, or have medication administered to get their medical condition stable. You will be able to ask questions and make the decisions on your pet's care throughout the process. Your pet will be stabilized if possible and all necessary treatment will be administered with your consent.

Call Our Sherbrook Animal Hospital For Emergency Pet Services In Winnipeg, Manitoba!

At Sherbrook Animal Hospital, we are a full-service veterinary hospital in Winnipeg ready to provide you with pet services during an emergency. Contact us today at 204-774-3544 to learn more about how we can help now.

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